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Why Do I Need Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of cybersecurity. To understand why you might need dark web monitoring for your business, it is important to first learn about the dark web and what it entails.

What Is the Dark Web?

What exactly is the dark web? As the name implies, it is the darkest part of the internet. The internet is mainly categorized into three broad terms: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web.

The surface web is what most of us use in our daily lives when we surf online using web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. The deep web, on the other hand, contains sensitive and unindexed information regarding people and organizations-- phone numbers and email addresses-- which is not available through regular browsers.

Lastly, the dark web is like the deepest and most hidden part of an ocean. And what lays tucked inside this dingy place is a network of anonymous websites, forums, and illicit activities.

Here are some activities that can be found on the dark web:

  • Botnets

  • Hacking groups

  • Fraud services

  • Phishing and malware scams

  • Darknet Market

  • Illegal Pornography

  • Bitcoin Services

  • Terrorism

To access this mysterious dark web, specialized software and specialized software and browser are required.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is employed by companies to monitor if any of their confidential data is buried inside the dark web. As part of identity theft protection and monitoring, companies receive notifications and alerts if their information is found on the dark web.

Dark web monitoring not only protects from data breaches but also identifies the steps you can take to mitigate a potential attack.

Does My Business Need Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is not just for established businesses. It’s a common misconception that the dark web perpetrators only go after the big fish.

Small to medium-sized businesses are a prime target as they have fewer IT resources and cannot employ robust security practices. Threat actors know this well and therefore, try to exploit this weakness.

Here is why any business owner must invest in dark web monitoring:

  • High downtimes with data breaches are prevented due to instant notifications.

  • The window of opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of your data is reduced.

  • Confidential data can never bypass your network without your notice or consent.

  • Your entire staff is protected from getting exploited by the dark web.

How Can OrangeSky IT Help?

If you are a small business that does not currently have dark web monitoring in place, there is a high chance that your business already has credentials exposed on the dark web without your knowledge.

OrangeSky IT specifically caters to small business owners. The company provides enhanced cyber security and dark web scanning services to ensure your credentials are not scattered on the dark web. It also offers 24/7 data surveillance of your precious assets and continuous scanning for any credentials that may contain your company’s emails.

OrangeSky IT also shields your data from the dark web by locating signs of attack related to your brand, key assets, consumer data, or private information. The company also triages and manages incidents by providing detailed logs and reports of your compromised data.

It's hard for average-sized companies, let alone small businesses, to monitor the dark web. When it comes to protecting your business and brand reputation, having an IT partner to protect you from cyber threats is critical.


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