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Frequently Ask Questions 
  • What is your FREE IT Assessment?
    We come to your business to gather information to help determine what you are currently doing, what your business is not doing, and how we can fill in the gaps.
  • If my equipment is still under warranty, how can you help me?"
    We provide technical support with any of your business systems. We would would fix a company laptop or work with the laptop manufacturer to get in warranty repairs/replacement. We also help users with local applications like Outlook and setting up email signatures for their business email.
  • I am a small business, do I really need to worry about cyber security?"
    A 2019 study showed that 43% of online cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. The reason small businesses have become a target is that only 14% of them have security in place to prevent basic cyber crimes. The average cyberattack costs a small business around $200,000 per incident due to downtime and recovery costs. These crimes will continue to happen because only 66% of small business decision-makers believe they are at risk.
  • Can my email really be hacked?
    Yes, your email can be hacked. Attackers love to gain access to your email. This is a fast way for them to gain access to your companies data. Did you know that many attackers will have access to a user's email for months or years in order to harvest as much confidential data as possible before carrying out a larger attack. First, they send an email pretending to be someone they are not, typically a large company like Microsoft or Amazon. They then have a link or attachment in the email that when clicked on either install malware on your PC without you knowing so that they can harvest your passwords or it takes you to a fake version of a website that looks identical to the legitimate version. From there they have you input your email and password to their fake site. Many users do this without knowing they have just fallen for a scam. 29% of office employees open these types of emails with no knowledge of them being malicious. Having a business email solution properly configured by an IT expert and automated email security training for employees are the two best methods to combat these attacks.
  • How can I protect my business?
    Cybersecurity relies on what is called layers of protection. For example, years ago most homes had a deadbolt lock on the front door and that was the only security in place. Now, you most likely have a camera at your front door, a deadbolt lock, and an alarm system. These are different layers of security. If one layer fails, there is another layer to help prevent someone from breaking into your home and alert the authorities. The same is true for cybersecurity. Having antivirus on computers is no longer suitable protection on its own. Your business needs several different layers of security and, most importantly, they need to be managed by qualified IT experts who know how to handle security alerts when they happen.
  • Does a firewall really protect me?
    A firewall is one layer of protection in your cyber defenses. It alone does not offer fully sufficient protection but plays a key role in preventing cyberattacks from being successful. Its main role is to analyze and block potential threats from entering your network remotely through the public internet connection given to you by your internet service provider. Having an insufficient or misconfigured firewall is like leaving the front door to your home wide open 24/7.
  • How much do your services cost?
    OrangeSky IT has three different service plans to help fit the budget for any business. Exact pricing requires a complimentary IT assessment so we can discover how many users you have and determine the complexity and needs of your business network. For most small businesses, our fully managed services (software included) cost the same as having a part-time IT intern. Book an IT assessment today for upfront and competitive pricing.
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